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Process Design provides the necessary data to select proper tower internals for separation, & mixing application. It is require for understating of the purpose of separation or mixing.

It is essential to know the feed composition and required temperature&pressure of the process. GDT also provides designs for our all products & as per our clients requirements. We have excellent team for design of static mixer, column internals, Distillation column, reactors &agitators, mist eliminators, etc, for efficient result & purity of product.

For more than 40 years, static mixers (also known as motionless mixers) have been successfully used as inline mixers for the mixing/dispersing, reaction and heating/cooling of high and low viscosity liquids, slurries, gases and the multi-phase contacting of gases, solids and liquids. Motionless mixers are capable of mixing materials with equal or very different viscosities and volumetric flow rates. The static mixer design best suited for a specific application is based on the process unit operation being practiced. As shown in Figure #1, static mixers are used in continuous processes where they homogenize fluids with no moving parts. Pumps or blowers are used to deliver the components to be mixed at the desired volumetric flow rates and to also supply the pressure energy required for mixing. Typical sizes of static mixers range from very small laboratory size units that fit into 3/16” diameter tubing, process piping that ranges from 1/4” Sch. 40 to over 120”-diameter and square/rectangular ducting such as 46-feet by 13-feet for power plant flue gas treatment.

Type “GT-X”:

High Performance Mixing of high viscosity liquids with similar and extreme viscosity and volumetric ratios; inducing plug flow; boosting viscous heat transfer; and the processing of molten polymers.

Type “GT-V”:

High Performance Primary use is for turbulent flow, liquid-liquid and gas-gas mixing applications, immiscible liquid dispersion and gas-liquid contacting.

Type “GT-H”:

Performance Primary use is for small diameter simple turbulent and laminar flow mixing and heat transfer applications where low pressure drop and fouling service are issues

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